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Offering a complete package of Waterproofing Solutions and Services to our clients. We are biggest Waterproofing Company & Contractors in Delhi NCR. We use top quality waterproofing products and chemicals for better Waterproofing Services, Roof Waterproofing Service; Our quality product and services are Epoxy Coating, Water Based Epoxy Coating, Water Based Epoxy Coating, Waterproofing Coating, PU Coating, Water Resistant Coating.


In this modern age of sky high buildings and beautiful infrastructure, leaky walls and roofs are a big no. Today, civil engineers, construction companies and interior designers speaks highly of Waterproofing Solutions which prevents the occurrence of water leakage. They recommend it to their clients so that the beauty of their building or structure stays intact for a long period of time. The number one choice of such professionals and people across the country, we, Kumar Enterprises are working with a sole objective to deliver top quality Waterproofing Solutions and Coatings. In addition we work as a diligent Waterproofing Service, Roof Waterproofing Service, Carotid Sheet Waterproofing Services, Swimming Pool Waterproofing Services.